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Agenda 21 is a plan to abolish private property in the USA, and to allow the usage of all land to be determined by the United Nations. This plan has been in effect for several years and has been sold to an unsuspecting public as “sustainable development”. This plan is being promoted by the establishment which includes the mainstream news media and both political parties.


There is only one presidential candidate which understands this problem and for many years has worked to --GET THE US OUT OF THE UN-, but all the establishment puppets have told us thousands of times that this particular candidate can’t win. (Surely, you know this, right?)


This candidate was Ron Paul. Now that the GOP has eliminated his candaciy the only worthy candidate left is Gary Johnson, on the ballot in most States as the Libertarian candidate and the rest as an Independent candidate.


Question –Do we win with another candidate that endorses and promotes AGENDA 21 ?



Gary Johnson for POTUS and the regular replacement of every member of Congress with 'citizen-candidates' willing to serve short terms and obey their oaths to the Constitution.



Tyranny in Tennessee:Gibson Guitar Persecution

(Raided Twice by Homeland Security)

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It's close to being too late: Think it can't happen?



Then add the 160,000 pages of rules written by Obama-created agencies.