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IMPORTANT! It would be a good idea to print and save these instructions to remind you of how the steps work and the details and tips to assist your use of registered voter data.



State laws prohibit the use of registered voter data

for commercial uses.

By browsing or using any aspect of this site you are agreeing to abide by the laws of your State regarding the use of registered voter data and will respect their privacy.


*How to get successful results for your Lookups:


List and Lable Tips


After keying in your entry choices, be sure to check your typing and complete each step or confirm new entry changes by clicking the correct link or button as shown on each web page. It's easy to skip a requird click-step and get bum, or the same old results repeated. Just go 'Back' and click through the necessary steps again.


The street name should be complete, not partial. Partial spellings will often result in too many or unwanted selections.

IMPORTANT: Too many letters may not find anything because of the multiple ways to spell the road types.

You should only enter the first letter of the street type.
Examples: "a" for 'avenue' or 'ave', "s" for 'street' or 'st', "l" for 'lane' or 'ln', "r" for 'road' or 'rd', "c" for 'circle' or 'cir', "w" for 'way' or 'wy', etc.

So, enter just the first letter of the road type. That way you'll keep from missing voter records that have differently spelled types.