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" Can liberty be regained? Probably not., but there is a chance if Americans have the necessary strength of character."
(Paul Craig Roberts)

We need to replace every career politician with a citizen candidate.

A citizen candidate would have to agree:

1. to serve one term.

2. accept the local average wage

3.  take no other income

4. be subject to an automatic recall agreement for any constitutional violation.


I think it would be great to have an "exclusion" party allowable on all ballots. It could be called NOTA (None Of The Above).

Then we could vet citizen candidates that agree to serve a short term at local average wage as their ONLY income.

We need to change the voter mindset to replace every politician at every election.

Surely we can find 1/2 plus one candidates for every State and Federal House and Senate office. All the above would cure most of the governance criminality we have today.

With today's technology there's no reason political offices require the elected to have to travel away from their area of representation. That way the constituents could easily view and visit them. I'll bet the cable companies would be happy to provide CSPAN-like coverage to every locale.

Just think of the better access, transparency and accountability aspects as well as the government operating cost savings.

Plus, it would kick the lobbyists in the butt. K-Street would not be affordable to put their offices in every voting district.

As a bare minimum we should prohibit past office holders from ever becoming a lobbyist.


The bottom line is, the most important political entity is the VOTER and we need to encourage a voter mindset change to seek and facilitate citizen candidates willing to serve a short term at local average wage as their ONLY income.


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  • Lack of Funding   
  • Lack of Participation   
  • Lack of Dedication by Supporters
  • No Money
  • All Talk and No Action
  • No Common Group Affiliations


So, if there's any enthusiastic activist(s), group or liberty-minded organization that wants to provide support, both in participation and financing, let me know.


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How about this idea? The most numerous and popular TV shows seem to be the many variants of talent shows.

Why not have a political debate format? For example, imagine something like the Voice with a cross section of the most popular pundits wearing blinders and earphones that disguise the speakers' voices.

Each prospective candidate then presents his/her case for being on the nationwide election ballots. The 'judges' then compete to be 'mentors' of the proponents they like the most and the candidates choose which 'coach' they want to work with.

Then, the public, via phone polls, Twitter, texting, et al 'vote' for their favorites and at the finale the winners get their name on all the ballots regardless of their party affiliation.

Maybe, just maybe, the public would become engaged in the process and we would have genuine choices, not paid for with back room deals.

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