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Important Elected Official Search Tips

Many committee memberships/sponsorships are listed in the BizCards
(click "View Card" ikon in the left column of the results).

For More Selective Political Search Results, enter a "Group Key" such as the following:
  • US House members "Group Key" = "ushouse".
  • US Senate members "Group Key" = "ussenate".
  • US Governor members "Group Key" = "governors".
  • TN House members "Group Key" = "tnhouse".
  • TN Senate members "Group Key" = "tnsenate".
  • TN Chattanooga City Council "Group Key" = "tnchattcouncil".
  • TN Mcnairy County Commission "Group Key" = "tnmcnairycntycomm".
This pattern will be followed for each of the States as they are added.

Also Please Note

For Selecting Officials' Committee Memberships, enter a "Keyword" that is a (unique) word in the committee name (along with the appropriate "Group Key" entry duh!).

Also, for elected officials, the "Company" name for 'house' and 'senate' members will begin with the State abbreviation. So, for example, putting "AK" in the "Company" form field will narrow the results to records from that State.

* Enter a Your Group Key (one of your's) if you have one. Leave Your Group Key blank if you don't have one.

* OR: We're providing a number of Public Group Keys for your convenience. We'll add more 'public' ones as they become available. Entering both gets Your Group Key members!

(Use the "CLEAR FORM" button if you goof up.)
* Enter Your Group Key  
* Public Group Keys  
Contact: 1st, Last  
State and/or Zip     

Make at least one entry.

Entries are NOT case sensitive and partial words are OK.

After making your choices:

   Click the search button for results.


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