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Where the Rubber Meets the Road


Question: So, what do we do now?



A New Slate Will Ensure Respect


This site is designed to help establish a mind-set among all voters that we must replace all incumbents at every election to rid the country of career politicians. Otherwise they will continue to conspire,  corrupt and bankrupt our entire way of life.  


Here is where you begin.


The choices above should be obvious. You will be able to find more details on the FAQ page.


The important things to understand are:


  • Several of the features available on this site require that you be a member here.
  • Some features will require approval for use. They will be noted where this rule applies.
  • A few features will require paying a nominal donation, usually quite small (we do have bills to pay just like you do).
  • A whole bunch of printable 'stuff' for you to show or deliver to your friends and neighbors is absolutely FREE!


So, take advantage of the multitude of data and outputs and help, as an individual or part of a group, to really make a difference in our future.


Every little bit helps and collectively has the power to get back to what once was the best form of governance ever devised by man, i.e. self controlled.


Nobody "deserves" anything. We have to "earn" it. I'm doing the best I can. How about you?

Here's a sample letter you could send to your elected official(s): 

Soon, this or something similar will be put into an editable and printable area.

Names and addresses can be found at http://GITWITHEM.com
(use search form "Public Group Keys" or an official's name)

Senate/House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Senator/Congressman

To be blunt, just admitting to a small responsibility for the national debt is not nearly enough to excuse the shameful behavior of the federal government.


To "compromise" on how government will extend the debt ceiling and spending is beyond disingenuous. In my view it's criminal what has been done to jeopardize the present and future generations of US citizens' financial security.


We the people did not hire and send to DC arbitrators, investment brokers, judges, juries, welfare workers or nannies. Your job is to represent the people which do not include special interests.


The solution of the "debt crisis" is not nearly as complicated as y'all (intentionally) portray. Congress itself already has the power to stop spending and borrowing for all but the essentials that the States can not provide. This could fix this economic crisis overnight.


Unfortunately for us, DC is beyond corrupt and won't do this until the voters force them to. Hopefully, this will happen next year. Which is what all this 'urgent' activity with a phony deadline is all about, right?


A balanced budget Constitutional amendment designed by a Congress, well known for being devious and self-serving, is fraught with bad consequences, the least of which is the time it would take and its  uncertainty of passage by the States. And, there is a lot of current  examples that it would not be obeyed. This ploy is just a delaying tactic and smoke screen to get past the 2012 election.


So, in the opinion of millions of the voters, the comprehensive and complete solution is:


1. Replace all elected representatives in DC at *every election* with those who will;

   a) validate that they obey the Constitution;

   b) serve only one term;

   c) restore and preserve national, State and individual sovereignty;


2. Abolish all the spending and regulations that were never intended to be federal responsibilities;


3. Limit federal taxation *for all* to *only* a single digit sales tax which sets and limits the federal budget;

   a) No more filing of tax returns,

   b) No more IRS,

   c) No more spending beyond the sales taxes collected.


4. Hold all elected officials accountable (recall, impeach and prosecute) who violate these requirements.


5. Stop meddling and exercising unwarranted powers over individuals, commerce and States and the national crisis will cure itself through a free market system that has all but been destroyed by DC.


6. Require Congress to operate primarily from 'home' with glass walls and audio-visual systems.

   a) use existing electronic means for open and public debate,

   b) record all discussion and votes available via the internet,

   c) get rid of 'K' Street altogether,

i.e. nothing less than what Homeland Security has the power to impose over citizens. That way, your constituents could closely monitor and directly influence every action you take on our behalf.


John Q Citizen
Any Street
Any City, State, Zip