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Frequently Asked Questions












How do I become a member of  New Slate  © ?


Go to the Member Options Page and select the appropriate link there.



 It is possible you may already be a member.


We have extended the use and privileges of a companion site, GITWITHEM.com which now allows for special searching of governmental entities and selective bulk emailing as well as printing features. There are many member-groups defined by their own Group Key, some political action types, some that you may have already established yourself. The original site, BizCardClub.com, still exists and the space and uses are shared with A New Slate.


You are encouraged to join, if you haven't already, or even create a new account/profile there. If already there as a member, you can simply modifiy that profile by adding another Group Key separating it by a comma(,) after the key(s) already there (if any).


It is suggested that the additional Group Key start with "ans" so that we can touch base with you via (very rare) important notices regarding our New Slate activity.





Why should I become a member of New Slate  © ?


You do not have to be a member to use the many Reach Out Hand Out Print Out  items you'll find throughout the New Slate  ©  site.


There are, however, many features available that are tailor-made that use your own member profile data and/or voter data from your specific locale which requires you to log in as a New Slate  ©

 member. Just one example is that you'll be able to create your own 'Display Card' which includes whatever 'Biz Card' you've chosen/supplied that can also be printed as yet another hand out.





What is a  New Slate  © Super User?


New Slate  ©  Super User is one of the many contributors to this site who have qualified for permission to add and edit content. In many cases these members have their own exclusive web space.


It is also possible and encouraged that Super Users share their privileges with other members from their locale and/or within their own activist group(s).







How do I use the  New Slate  ©  Content Management System (CMS©)?


If  you are a  New Slate  © Super User, all you have to do is click the edit link in the center of the page footer. A log in pop-up will appear. There will be a drop-down menu in the editor tool bar that appears at the top of the display which will allow you to pick the page(s) that you are permitted to edit.


If you are interested in becoming an Author just get in touch via the on-site email page.





Where do I find the CMS© instructions?


There is a password protected location on site in the admin folder. There are some important tips there that will save you lots of time and frustration with finding the right buttions/icons to click on.


Be sure to read the instructions at least once. The best way to learn, of course, is by jump right in and try it out. It's a long way from rocket science, but there's no substitute for experimenting and repeating your successes.



The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no mistake you can make that you can't fix! It really is a remakable tool and is not that much different than the MS Word editor. As a matter of fact, you can event Copy|Paste in Word content (via the icon/ button for doing that).







Are my New Slate  © cms changes monitored?




However, we vet our Super Users as folks who will not be offensive to common decency and whose primary interest is to support the cause of freeom and agree on the importance of getting the most important political entity, the informed voter, out to vote.


Therefore, we expect it to be a rare occasion that we disqualify a contributor to this site.